Hey! Nice to meet you. I’m Michael.

As a guitarist, you have plenty of questions. Have any of these crossed your mind?

How do I take care of my guitar so that it remains in good condition always?

When should I change the strings? Which strings should I buy?

What do the experts do? What about the fretboard?

Is a metronome really that useful? How about a guitar book or online training? Which guitar is best for a beginner?

And more…

I have got all your answers. I started GuitarLair with a desire in my heart to share all this information and more with you to help you become a better guitar player.

So many people say, “ It’s not your instrument. It’s you who makes the music”. While that’s true, a good and comfortable instrument can make the job easier for you. On this blog, I help you get the instrument that fits you best.

When I was 7, my grandfather got me a gift on my birthday - my first Fender. He also taught me how to play a few chords and songs over the next few days. It was the coolest thing I had owned, and soon I was writing songs of my own.

Slowly, I realised I was more interested in the actual making of the guitar. I learned how to make one from scratch and also how to repair a damaged one.

Today I’m a lawyer by day and by night I turn into a luthier. On this blog, I share all my knowledge about different kinds of guitars and guitar products. My tips have helped thousands of guitarists - pros and amateurs alike.

My job as a luthier brings me into constant touch with professional guitarists who share their tips and practice routines for my readers like you. I bring all this information to you to help you become a better guitar player.

There’s so much information out there - most of it is bad. My goal is to filter out the crap and only give you the stuff that works!

Thank you for reading my story.