Best Acoustic Guitar Under $500

Shredders, slappers, and country players; the world of guitars is home to some of the most diverse styles of music. Every guitar virtuoso at one point or another picked up an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars are perfect for beginners because they increase finger strength while forcing them to learn the basics of strumming and picking. Looking at all the companies it may be difficult to find the best one. Here we have consolidated down the best acoustic guitars, and all under $500! Get your picks ready and started loosening up that hand for the best acoustic guitars under $500.

Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar

This dreadnought style guitar plays as good as it looks. At 15/16 scale cutaway and solid spruce back and sides, it’s apparent that Taylor Guitars brought their best without be overly expensive. It’s ergonomic x-bracing body finish means this guitar will be pushing out the best tunes for many years to come. The neck board contains a real african ebony wood with a profile nut width of 1 11/16”. Taylor Guitars is known for creating elite guitars at a premium price, but this affordable guitar is the best beginner acoustic guitar on the market. Each string and note rings out beautifully to help you create only the best music.

Martin LXK2 Acoustic Guitar

Martin is notorious for creating some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners. This Hawaiian Koa pattern guitar radiated exquisite music on its Stratabond neck. With a total of twenty frets on an East Indian rosewood fingerboard, this little guitar has a surprisingly huge sound. The body is made of a resilient high-pressure laminate body to stand the test of time. While ideal for beginnings, even experts can get a benefit out of this high quality craftsmanship guitar. As an added bonus, Martin has thrown in a padded bag for those guitarists on the go.

Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle

This full size dreadnought guitar is suited for all different styles! The premium twenty fret rosewood fingerboard is easy to finger and creates sound that radiates outward. The laminated spruce top is tough and shows Fender has not sacrificed quality at the altar of affordability. Made with the novice in mind, this acoustic guitars comes with plenty of additional items. To keep your guitar in perfect playing condition there is a hard case, stand, strings and polishing cloth. To pick up a few guitar chords of licks on your first day try the complimentary Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD. Start strumming away in no time with this impressive acoustic guitar.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar with Accessories Pack

With a solid sitka spruce top and beautifully wrought rosewood fingerboard, Yamaha has created an excellent acoustic guitar. Bring the music with the rosewood bridge and ergonomic diecast tuners. This particular model, the 800 series, produces a louder sound thanks to the Yamaha’s elite engineers. The new scalloped bracing brings out more of the natural sounds inside the instrument with the loss of the traditional design. This value pack includes a hard case, stand, a cleaning cloth, and guitar tuner. Additionally this guitar can be purchased in eleven different colors, making it fit the style of almost anyone. Start rocking and rolling with this amazing acoustic guitar!

Ibanez Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar

This smokey looking guitar is made of a premium mahogany that overlays the top, back, and sides. The rosewood bridge has twenty frets and creates an alluring sound even for the most amateur of players. The little details matter to the Ibanez brand too; with their unique Ibanez Advantage bridge pins and chrome gear open tuners, you know that this guitar is made of the highest craftsmanship. This elegantly simple guitar comes adorned with a protective tortoiseshell pickguard so you can jam out as hard as you need. Ibanez is known as a guitar for shredders, but this acoustic guitar proves they are good for any type of player.


While many of these best acoustic guitars under $500 have the beginner in mind, don’t think for a moment more seasoned musical veterans can’t get some benefit out of them as well. Made of elite materials, these acoustic guitars prove that quality and affordability don’t need to be sworn enemies. Start jamming today with these great acoustic guitar. Maybe one day you can be the next big musical sensation.