5 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

The first guitar-like instruments were broadly known during the middle Ages. Beginning from the 16th century, during the Renaissance, those string instruments changed and they acquired the appearance of a modern guitar by the 19th century. Nowadays, an acoustic guitar is a type of guitar that produces sound acoustically; it transmits the vibration of the strings to the air when sound waves resonate trough the guitar's body and create a sound. Therefore, the most important elements of an acoustic guitar are the strings that vibrate at a necessary frequency, and the soundboard along with the sound box, which are used for strengthening the vibration. Modern market offers more than two thousand models of various acoustic guitars. How not to get lost in such a wide choice? Let us find out the main points in searching best acoustic guitar brands and models.

Primarily, let us make clear the major types of acoustic guitars, which are nylon/gut stringed guitars (classical guitars), steel stringed guitars, and other variants. These types extremely vary in their design, construction, and somewhat sounding. It is supposed, that every musician, including beginners, is familiar with the peculiarities of each guitar type and has own preferences. In such a way, what key features a buyer should take into consideration when selecting an acoustic guitar?

First, there are different levels of performing (beginners, experienced, professionals) and different guitar models that perfectly fit each level mentioned. Second, different shoppers have different budgets. Concerning the price, you can get one at $25; however, the majority of acoustic guitars has a price range from $100 to $200, and above. As it is usually said, expensive and tasty, cheap and nasty. Thirdly, there are various types of music, they determine appropriate requirements for the look and the sound a particular acoustic guitar should have. I think it is pretty obviously, where I am going with this, namely buying a guitar differs from person to person. The concept of “best guitar” is rather arbitrary, so what is “best” for one, is not necessarily the “best” for another. A little tip for those who searches a very exact property of a guitar. You may take into consideration the highlights that real customers give to certain models and brands in their reviews. Those highlights may sound like good for travel/kids/beginners, a perfect gift, a guitar that has great tone/great value/rich sound/light weight, etc.

Other details of choosing a good acoustic guitar include the materials and hand orientation. You should thoroughly pick a decent guitar fret board, top, neck, and back material. Most frequently used are mahogany, spruce, cedar, rosewood, basswood, sapele, maple, and cherry. However, the choice of the best guitar body material is a topic for a separate article. Still, put some of your attention to a guitar hand orientation that can be right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous. It is clear, that those types are for righties and lefties, accordingly. Ambidextrous guitars are for ambidextrous people who generally have equal potential in both hands, or such guitars could become a good solution for a common use of several people.

Finally, last but not least selection criterion. Obviously, the better odds for success will have an acoustic guitar of a well-known, trustworthy brand. Perhaps, it would be a brand with a history and traditions, or, conversely, a new leading brand that had conquered the market recently. This is a matter of your choice what to believe in, you can value either the years of experience in producing and use or the revolutionary snorting technology and design. In total, the acoustic guitar producing industry has at least 50 major manufacturers. There is no wonder that someone inexperienced in choosing an acoustic guitar can get confused. You may also want to have an acoustic guitar pick, stand, or tuner. As many guitar fellows claim, the best acoustic guitar brands usually meet the following requirements:

  • stylish body shape and good-looking finish

  • nifty and sturdy body of qualitative materials

  • slim neck, well-made fretboard, convenient headstock

  • high comfort and playability

  • nice sound quality with excellent projection and very dynamic, good amount of bass depth and resonance

  • affordable, the fairly balanced price-quality ratio

All of the quality indicators described earlier are important. Nevertheless, there are components that strongly distinguish products of the best brands out of the general mass. We speak here about the steel string quality, length, mass, and tension. The timbre produced by the instrument depends on the frequencies made by strings and amplifying vibration of the soundboard and sound box. Altogether, these three parts and their performance affect the harmonics possibilities of a guitar. Regarding the mentioned earlier, these are the TOP 5 acoustic guitar brands, not necessarily in the order of primacy:

  • Yamaha. Company established in 1960 in Japan, US-based department nowadays, offers a comprehensive line of musical instruments of traditionally high quality. A worldwide-acknowledged leader has a great presence on the market of supreme, qualitative acoustic guitars at both affordable and prestigious prices.

  • Taylor Guitars. This American world's leading manufacturer was founded in 1974. Since then, it produces premium acoustic guitars that are widely considered the best sounding and easiest to play.

  • Seagull. Since 1982, all guitars have been made in Canada from start to finish under strict control. The main proud of this brand is a successful combination of the essential components of the handcrafted guitars and affordable for musicians price.

  • Takamine. Famous and popular brand with the established image and reputation creates some models in a collaboration with professional guitarists and other experts. This Japanese brand has legendary guitar series since 1959.

  • Blueridge. It is a kind of branch of the South San Francisco-based Saga Musical Instrument Company. A very detail-oriented manufacturer that offers many special series for the true guitar connoisseurs. Carefully created guitar elegance at the unbeatable price.

You may also be sure in such brands as Fender, Epiphone, and Jasmine. These brands combine all possible benefits resulting in the creation of a superb acoustic guitar.

As a conclusion on the subject of the best acoustic guitar brands, we can state the following idea. Avery brand, renowned for blending an innovative use of modern technology with a master artisan’s attention to detail, is well worth considering for any acoustic guitar lover. The final choice is a matter of taste, hence use our guideline and listen to your heart.