Best Beginner Guitar Starter Packs

Guitar stater packs are a great purchase for aspiring musicians who want to get their first stepping stone in the guitar world. They make great gifts and come with everything you’ll need to pick up and start practicing those riffs.

Guitar starter packs will offer a bundle of extra accessories to help enhance your playing experience and save you the hassle and time of going out and sourcing each part separately, for this reason they also make great gifts for any occasion, as you’ll find these packs offer great bang for your buck.

While all guitar start packs will come with a base guitar (Acoustic, Electric or Bass) they will also have differing extras offered with them; these can include guitar cases, picks, amps, books, strings and straps.

Keep in mind that while the quality of guitars included in these packs won’t be at the same level as other more expensive models, they are a great starting point and we understand here at GuitarLair that not everyone has enough money to buy the more expensive brands or starter packs, and if you’re undecided if the guitar is the instrument for you, this can be a great way to explore your interests.

Below we have compiled a list of what we think are the best value for money guitar starter packs that will let you pick up and start playing right away, while also maximising the value for the money you are spending.

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package

The Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Package is a solid quality product. Epiphone has become revered for their quality guitars over the years and this package does not disappoint. Packed with a tuner, stop piece, pickup, amp, picks and straps – these extras are of the high quality that is to be expected of Epiphone and are also found in their more expensive packages, making it a steal for beginner players.

You’ll find that the sound is clean and crisp like other quality electric guitars with the included amp and strings not draining out and diluting the sound like other cheaper beginner packs, while it does have a presence to its sound, it’s not overbearing. With a simple to use tone control you’ll be able to quickly and easily adjust your sound to add different reverberations to your arsenal.

Coming into two distinct colours - Ebony and Vintage Starburst in a Les Paul frame you’ll be able to pick up and rock it like your idols with this classic look. With included electronic guitar lesson software it also allows you to start practicing right away without the need to pay for lessons if you’re on a budget.

With such a high quality build in such a valuable package, packed with quality Epiphone extras we don’t think you can go wrong picking this electronic package as your first dip into the world of guitars.

Epiphone Acoustic Electric Guitar Package

Beautiful light wood finish on a mahogany body and neck, this will give you a balanced rich warm sound that will fill the room when you play. Don’t be deceived by the smaller size of the amp – This baby is jammed packed with features often found on much larger and more expensive amps! The Studio-10 Acoustic Amp comes with six different variable controls ranging from your high trebles to your low bass. This kit is great for those who like to be mobile, be it busking at your local hangout spot or going el-natural over a campfire with friends. With a clean traditional look and high quality body and gorgeous sound, this acoustic kit is just what you need to pick up and play.

Yamaha Gigmaker Acoustic Guitar Package 

Yamaha has really been making ground over the past few decades establishing themselves as the leading designer and manufacture of a wide range of musical instruments. Starting in 1966, Yamaha has been continuously and meticulously improving their product year after year. 

The Yamaha Gigmaker Package is no different, coming packed with a guitar tuner, picks, guitar bag and instructional presentations you are getting value in set. Made out of Solid Spruce this guitar will is built to last on those adventures away or just hanging with the friends. The sound from this beauty strikes the perfect balance of complete sound without being overbearing. With fantastic treble and high quality strings it will not compromise on sound quality by reverbing and echoing off each other that is often found in other branded guitars of the same value.

Electric Beginner Guitar Starter Pack

This is the ultimate beginner pack, we would definitely recommend this purchase for younger children looking to start playing. Don’t be fooled by the cost, this package will go above and beyond the needs of a beginner player. The small amp included in the package is a great versatile size that will allow young students to easily move room to room to get in those much needed practice hours without disturbing others at home. While the guitar was on the smaller side for us to play, it will be the perfect fit for young children looking to get their first instrument, the adjustable strap that comes included makes it easy to quickly move the guitar to the desired height when standing.

The solid wood body on this baby includes a pick up selector and volume adjuster so you can quickly change your sound on the fly. This is the ultimate gift pack for the young guitar apprentice looking to get started without breaking the bank.


We believe that if you decide to purchase any of these packages you'll be very impressed with the quality and value that you will receive. 

These are all great beginner packages that will allow anyone to pick up and start playing with relative ease right away. If you’re dreams to rock on out stage, earn some extra money busking, or just playing with your friends, you cannot go wrong with picking up a guitar starter pack.

Be warned! Once you get your feet wet you’ll become obsessed with this amazing instrument, it honestly allows you to create something beautiful and I hope that you get to enjoy, cherish and pass on the amazing experience that is playing a guitar to those in your life.