Should You Buy A Soft Or Hard Guitar Case?

So you’ve got yourself a spanking brand new guitar, it’s your favorite thing in the whole world! The shiny shimmer it makes when the light hits it just right, the perfect contoured body, crisp clean strings – It’s just perfect! But oh know, on the way to your friend’s place or a local gig you accidentally got yourself into a little prang and now your beloved instrument now has a scratch or ding along it.

How could have this been avoided you ask? With a guitar case of course!

​We all want to keep our expensive instruments in the best condition possible; it’ll help preserve the sound and life of your instrument.

​When looking at travel protection for your guitar you have two choices: Soft and Hard guitar cases. Down below we will look at the differences between these two types of cases, and help you find one that best suits your needs and requirements.

What's the difference between a soft and hard guitar case?

A soft guitar case is made out of soft flexible material. Think of it like a backpack for your guitar. There are many benefits of deciding to go with a soft guitar case, one they are usually a lot cheaper than their harder counterparts, saving you a lot of money. They are easy to fold away once you have taken out your guitar, making them easy to store and pack away where ever you go.

​Just like a backpack your soft guitar case will also have storage compartments attached on different spots throughout the case, meaning you can easily pack extra guitar picks, strings, cables etc. Their lightweight build means that you’re only really carrying the weight your guitar and with additional shoulder straps they can be easy to move around in more confined areas.

​A hard case guitar cover is made out of hard molded plastic that offers a much higher level of protection than a soft guitar case. If you spent a large sum of money on a guitar we would definitely recommend purchasing a hard guitar case, as repairs to more expensive guitars from accidental damage can end up costing you more than just having purchased a hard case originally!

The other benefits of having a hard guitar case is that you can travel on long distance flights with your instrument if you need to and not have to worry about it being damaged, and protect your instrument from the climate it is in, as too dry or humid environments can affect that body of the guitar.​


The best way to determine whether you need a hard or soft case is to figure out your needs and specific requirements for what you intend to do with your instrument, if you someone who only does light travel, and just want something to quickly and easily store your instrument a soft guitar case might be your best bet. If you’re someone who has spent a lot of money on your guitar and intend to do a lot of travelling with it and take it into different weather environments than a hard case will offer you the best protection. Don’t forget that you can also have the best of both worlds and use a soft and hard case depending on what your needs require! Down below we have selected two of our favorite soft cases and two hard cases that we think you will enjoy if you’re looking to purchase a case for your guitar.

Gator Case GTSA Series

If you find yourself often flying with your instrument or looking for well-designed hard case for your instrument you can’t look past the Gator GTSA series of cases. This case was designed and built to withstand long flights, so you don’t have to stress about any unnecessary damage occurring during your flight. Equipped with TSA certified locking latches you can rest assured that no one will be able to access your guitar but you! It comes with storage compartments so you can pack in some extra accessories for your travel. Gator makes this case for 7 different types of guitars, so if you’re after a sturdy case that you can take on your travels definitely check out the GTSA series of cases.

GATOR GL Poly-foam Guitar Case

This lightweight soft guitar case is extremely light weight from the poly foam it is constructed from, don’t be fooled by the weight, it is padded to make sure your guitar stays protected at all times. It’s available in 5 different guitar styles to meet any player’s instrument requirements. The added straps make it easily movable, this is a great case for those that are travelling for guitar lessons but can’t carry the heavier hard case options. Storage space inside allows you to easily pack away your sheet music, picks, and other accessories. Easy to pack and go!

YMC Hard Case

If you’re after extra protection without breaking your budget, the YMC Hard Case is an excellent option to protect your guitar. The latches are the typical type you’ll find on most hard cases with a soft material finish on the inside will keep your guitar scratch free when you travel. Keep in mind that this is more suited for domestic travel, and not for long plane journeys that may see your guitar take a beating from the baggage handlers. If you don’t plan on flying but are still after a solid case to protect your guitar this is a great pick up for the price!

Fusion Urban Series Guitar Bag

The Fusion Urban series of guitar bags is probably one of the best for ease of movement and protection in a soft case we have come across. The case itself is beautiful with both internal and external pockets for huge amounts of storage. The inside is lined with padded adjustable foam so you can make sure your guitar gets that perfect snug fit every time you take it out.

​When you’re looking to move around with the case you can use the side handle, or swing it around and support it on your back with the chest and waist strap allowing you to have ultimate comfort when moving around with your guitar.