Top 5 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

This is actually a bit of an argued topic here, and it my opinion it really depends on the individual and what they like to play, how it feels, and how it sounds to them personally. Don’t get me wrong, there are some guitars out there that are definitely set apart from the rest so I suppose we could call them the “best” out of all the rest. I’m going to dive into this first off by picking up those that’ve proven to be the best among all sorts of guitar players and then I’m going to throw in some that I’ve personally played and really feel they set a standard. Again, it’s always fun to hit up your guitar shop and test these out.

1. Taylor Guitars 314ce Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric Guitar

A well known brand and for a damn good reason. Taylor guitars have always had a nice sound and this is no exception. It has a solid spruce top and has a nice crisp, bright and a clear ring to it. The thing that’s also neat about this particular guitar is a new design in the durability of the neck and how long it can stay straight. This guitar has a very nice and balanced tone, not leaning too much toward a treble or a bass heavy sound.

2. Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The dreadnought from Martin has always had a soft spot in my heart because of Jimmy Page playing his awesome song black mountain side. A full well rounded guitar definitely suitable for all styles of playing and gives off a nice dark and warm sound. Which is soothing to the soul, and its made from East Indian Rosewood, an easy to play guitar with excellent fret action. The guitar doesn't necessarily shimmer like a brighter sounding guitar but has a warmer baritone-ish feel.

3. Gibson J-200 Standard Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst

Now this guitar is exceptionally beautiful, and will turn heads and make you feel like Elvis Presley or some other. A nice crispy bright tone can be heard from this angel of a guitar and the fretboard is absolutely stunning in its creation. It was best known for it’s introduction into the market in the 30’s and many of great players have picked up this beauty of an instrument and for a good reason. The play on the fretboard is magnificent and the sound is perfect and crisp, which if played right will bring tears to the eyes of those around you.

4. Martin Standard Series HD-28 Standard Dreadnought Acoustic

Another Martin and that’s because these things have stood the test of time and the actual quality tests of everyone around. Although this particular model isn't going to give you the boomy heavy voice of a deeper sort, instead it bring light and a shimmer to the notes it plays very crisply and beautifully. I’d this is a must-have for lovers of a higher and brighter feel toward the notes they play.

5. Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Heritage Cherry

This is obviously a well known guitar to everyone and if you don't know about it, well than you need to get to know her. This guitar is a well rounded beauty and made for anyone who is going to, has, played any sort of musical note regarding a stringed instrument. It has a crisp bright tone that brings joy to the soul and the fret action on this is like butter, and by that I mean it’s so damn smooth you’ll have you wipe your hands on your pants thinking you just grazed clouds. It’s is the epitome of the acoustic sound and it’s what I hear in my head when I think of acoustic.


Many many guitars out there, but if you stick to these brands it’ll be damn near impossible to go wrong. I can speak from experience, having spent hours upon hours going into guitar stores to test out all the guitars I’d never be able to afford and now that I have the money to purchase them, I know without a doubt that these are excellent choices. Personally, If you couldn’t tell already, I’d be going with the Hummingbird or the D-35 acoustic because the Martin is warmer sounding whereas the Gibson is a more rounded guitar in my opinion.