Top 5 Best Bass Pedals On The Market Today

Music is a balm for parched souls. Any good bass guitarist knows the importance of the bass pedals which is able to lift your sound from ordinary to a whole new level of extraordinary. You may be in love with bass spanning different playing styles or genre, but what they all have in common is some great quality bass pedals that breathed life into them. These pedals are extremely helpful, especially when you are playing live or recording in a studio. If you want to recreate the pieces you love, you will need to know the way in which they were created and that involves, getting a good bass pedal for yourself. So, in order to make your choices easier, here is a list of the top 5 best bass pedals that you can buy.

1. Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi Pedal

After paying attention to the requests made, Electro-Harmonix launched the Deluxe Bass Big Muff pedal. It uses an analog circuit and with its blend control, you can control the amount of dry signal mixing with the distorted tone. The most attractive feature it possesses is probably its foot switchable crossover which works on both the high-pass and low-pass filters. The high-pass filter works on distortion circuit while the low-pass filter works on the dry tone. The gate control checks the background noise and hum and allows for tone shaping. With all these features, this is one the best bass effect pedals you can buy.

2. Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus Pedal

Chorus pedals work by splitting the guitar's signal into two. The second signal is modified by using reverb and delay, whereas the first signal is untouched. This is a standard chorus pedal which works on 9-volt or optional AC power. The split-frequency chorus effect is capable of applying warm chorusing to the high frequencies without altering the lows. This is achieved by its high end filter which helps to keep the low dry. Boss is known for its high standard devices and this is no exception. Known for its good durability, this pedal is an effective bass chorus pedal available in the market.

3. EBS Multi Comp True Dual Band Bass Compressor Pedal

A compressor pedal works by evening out the highs and lows of the bass signals into one even signal. This compressor normalizes the tones that are usually lost because of the complex overtones and this brings about a more well-balanced sound. It has the ability to increase the sustenance of notes by mashing down the high frequency notes. This unit has two separate bands of compression. The signal is broken into two different paths: the low and the high frequencies, and each is compressed separately. However, compressors have typically been seen on guitar player's pedal boards more because bass, being a low frequency instrument can gets its tone ruined by using a compressor. Keeping all these in mind, this compressor is the better suited bass compressor pedal.

4. Zoom B3 Bass Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator

The Zoom B3 with its three stylized displays, each with its own controls and foot switch is one of the most advanced bass pedals available in the market. These three footswitches engage or disengage an amp effect and each is set up as an individual channel. There are a total of 99 stompboxes to choose from. Players shouldn't be worried about sturdiness as it packs a punch in that field. Zoom has always excelled at designing units that have a short learning curve and the B3 is one of the best in that group.

5. DigiTech BP90 Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

Offering 27 effects, 11 amps, five cabinets and five stompboxes, this pedal is an excellent choice that one can make while keeping the budget in mind. With 100 preset memory slots, it becomes easy to switch tones. It also has 40 good quality drum patterns to practise with.


A bass player always runs the risk of muddying the tones by using the various processors, but every well-known bass player swears by a good quality processor for delivering an even sound that is soothing to the ears. We have tried to deliver our opinion on some of the best bass pedals, so that the music enthusiasts can choose with ease. This list is a dynamic one, and with companies manufacturing better processors every year, many new alternatives may get added in time.