Top 5 Best Delay Pedals For Your Money

If you are a budding musician, a delay pedal should be one of the primary things that you must look forward to buy. If you aren’t sure about the precise function of a delay pedal, let us tell you that it’s pretty simple actually. A delay pedal plays back the notes you have already played. This effect, at more subtle settings, especially comes in handy when you are looking to fill out your lead tone for solos. It has found its use in various genres although country music may have more claims on it than any other.

There are certain considerations that you must explore while deciding on a delay pedal, the biggest one among them being whether you should go for analog or digital. Moreover, with so many options present on Amazon, it may be quite a task to browse through them and find out the one you need.

Worry not, for we are here to make your life a lot easier. This article reviews the best brands in this category and handpicks the top 5 delay pedals that you can’t ever go wrong with.

1. MXR M169 Carbon Copy

This is the best analog delay pedal according to user reviews with a maximum delay time of 600ms. The relatively large size of knobs is a public attraction since it makes it easy to dial in settings with your toe while playing. There are 3 knobs on offer – the Regen controls the amount of delay/repeats, Mix is there to control the level of delay, and Delay controls the rate.

While the MXR M169 Carbon Copy is a champion among those who like the analog sound, many prefer the cleaner and crisper tone of a digital delay. The only disadvantage of an analog delay is that it is vulnerable to coloration. If you have a budget of $150 and can appreciate analog delay pedals, this product is definitely the one you should be going for.

2. Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

If your head isn’t already spinning from the number of brands available on Amazon, Boss is here to confuse you with its variety of DD series delay pedals. Fortunately for you, we have researched all of them and picked the DD-7 model as the best of the lot, with the DD-3 model being a close second.

Simple and effective like most Boss products, this delay pedal is the one for you if you are a believer in the ‘less is more’ philosophy. The fact that it keeps the best from its predecessors while expanding its creative potential at the same time is what makes this a great product to own. Moreover, you do not need to worry about its build quality, considering it’s a Boss product.

3. Wampler Pedals Analog Echo Delay Pedal

The FAUXANALOGECHO model from Wampler is a classic echo delay pedal that offers the warmth of analog at below $200. The company claims it to be an industry standard delay pedal with pure and intact tone minus the thin and brittle sounding repeats. You can even incorporate a bit of sparkle for digital crispness if you add a tone knob.

With its great delay time of 600 milliseconds, this model has found its way into the collections of many a guitar great. It has 4 controls – echo level, repeats, tone, and delay time. The shade knob offers you complete authority on how analog you want your analogs to sound.

4. Maxon AD-9 Analog Delay

The AD-9 model is simply an improvement of the previous Maxon models which were highly popular and widely used. With 450ms of the most transparent analog delay sounds available ever available in a stompbox format, the AD-9 promises to produce the best-sounding and most reliable analog delay among its competitors.

It comes with impressive specifications and is, therefore, a bit costlier than the other products listed here. The quality, however, remains top-notch according to customers.

5. Donner Black Arts Multi Digital Delay Guitar Pedals

It comes with 11 delay effects, true signal processing and automatic input/ output detecting circuit. The tail function effect is a useful tool that fades out the effect sound when the effect is off. The kill dry function sums up the features list in this digital delay pedal.


As you are aware by now, the price range is spectacularly wide when it comes to delay pedals. While quality, reliability and functionality are always the more important criteria, choosing a delay pedal also depends on your budget. Our recommendation, therefore, is to strike a balance and go for the best delay pedal that seems perfect for your requirements.