Top 5 Best Electric Guitar Strings

The guitar world is full of a huge range of styles, from blues musician Chuck Berry to guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. Regardless of their feats and genre, every electric guitar player have more than a few things in common. Their guitar equipment needs to be high quality so they can ensure they are getting the best sounds out of their instrument. The most important piece of guitar equipment is probably the one that is most overlooked: Guitar strings. There are as many different types of guitar strings as their are guitars out there, needless to say picking the right one for you can be overwhelming. Never to fear, as you can’t go wrong with the best electric guitar strings on the market.

D’Addario Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

These NYXL guitar strings can be bought in several different gauges from 9-42 all the way to 13-56. Exclusive to D’Addario is their high quality carbon steel alloy, that allows you to bend without fear because of its unprecedented strength. Known for their improved tuning capability, you’ll be shredding with the likes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani in no time. Notably, this brand has enhanced mid-range frequency, giving a bigger bang to give a satisfying crunch that cuts through the mix. Being one of the best strings for electric guitar, this product will give you a sound that crushes the competition.

Elixir Strings Coated Nickel Guitar Strings

Create beautiful melodies and strum hard rock power chords with these nickel coated guitar strings. The unique OPTIWEB coating provides a natural feel while having all the durability and sensuousness of coated strings. Elixir Strings has compared these to the same crisp tone that typically rings out with uncoated strings. The nickel extends tone life longer than most other brands by protecting against corrosion and debris buildup. To take this durability even further there is the anti-rust plating that will allow you a sweet tone for many sessions to come. Bend, vibrato, and sustain with the Elixir String premium made guitar strings.

Ernie Ball Slinky Nickel Wound Guitar Strings

This California based company can brag that they are endorsed by legendary guitar players like Slash, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton. Their carbon steel round wires with brass wire ball end creates an incredibly gorgeous noise. With a series of lock twists around the end, these strings have been specifically designed to give a long lasting sound without breakage. Coating all of this is the nickel plate wrap wire that gives a superior tone without losing that natural feel. Reinforcing the durability even further is the hex core, bend and vibrato to your hearts content! Coming in a variety of sizes and gauges for different sounds, Ernie Balls strings legendary endorsements hold up to scrutiny.

Elixir Electric NANOWEB Guitar Strings

Coming in nine different gauges, the Elixir electric guitar strings will fit just about any guitarist. These strings are constructed with nickel-plated steel wire for awesome rugged durability against even the most aggressive players. The unique NANOWEB coating improves the durability even further while at the same time giving the natural uncoated feel to the strings. Slide down the neck of your instrument without any fear for these strings are resistant to common corrosion and debris. With superior string life and pretty tones, these strings will have you playing like the best in no time.

DR Strings Neon Multi-Color Guitar Strings

For beginners and those that want to add a little style to their playing. These DR Strings guitar strings come six different colors to make your guitar playing easy and fun to do. Not just flashy, these hardy strings are coated to maximize volume and tone. In the light these strings are ultra bright, but the real visual niftiness happens underneath a black light. Glowing strongly underneath these UV light, they will create a unique sound and look to your rig. With the special coating that makes the strings last three times as long as uncoated strings, you’ll be jamming in style with these fluorescent strings.


From seasoned veteran to the most rudimentary novice, these electric guitar strings will produce high quality sounds. With a special coating to reinforce durability, you won’t have to worry about these strings breaking on you any time soon. Coming in a multitude of sounds and styles, the best electric guitar strings on the market all maximize tone so you can create music wherever you see fit.