Top 5 Best Guitar Pedals For You

A guitar pedal is one of the basic equipment that you must own if you are serious about pursuing music. The obvious question of digital vs analog is going to trouble you soon after you begin researching about pedals, and once you have figured that out, you may still feel frustrated at the sheer number of products available in the market.

In this article, we compare and review the five best products on the internet in order to help you select the one you need.

1. TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Paddle

If the sheer number of recommendations from guitar communities across the internet is to be believed, the TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb pedal is the best guitar pedal out there in the market. With an immaculate combination of durability, quality, versatility and price, this product is a constant name in every single reverb pedal review available on the web.

The operation basically rests on four knobs (Decay to determine the length of the reverb, Tone to adjust the brightness and darkness of the reverberated signal, FX Level to determine the amount of reverb, an 11-point reverb style selector knob) and a small toggle switch to change the Pre-delay. Each of these knobs works beautifully, thereby enabling the Hall of Fame paddle to create not only good reverb, but also a lot of other sounds. It may not be the best item if you are really choosy about getting one particular sound, but at this price this is something you cannot ever ignore.

2. Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal

If you are familiar with distortion boxes, you are probably familiar with hard clipping too. In case you aren’t, clipping refers to the flattening of the top and bottom of a sound wave when we distort or overdrive a note. More clipping of the wave implies more distortion of the note. Among the many distortion boxes available on Amazon, the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal stands out for its classy and rich overtones.

It has been rated 4.7 stars out of 5, and has been vouched for by numerous customers for its quality and performance.

3. Ibanez TS808 Overdrive Pedal

Considered as an industry standard for overdrive pedals, the Ibanez TS808 packs a powerful punch with Overdrive, Tone and Level controls. It can add a nice amount of gain, sustain, and tonal shaping options, and can provide a slight boost in the mid frequencies. Overall it successfully delivers the natural tube overdrive sound that many conventional units had failed to produce.

It is lightweight and durable when it comes to construction. The vintage look adds to the charm. There is an LED indicator just above the Tone knob to show the status of effect and battery condition.

4. Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb Pedal

The fact that the RV-6 is a Boss stompbox makes it a lucrative purchase even to the untrained ears. Just like other Boss products, the quality of craftsmanship in this one is unparalleled. It is a compact and versatile reverb paddle with four knobs – E. Level which refers to effects level, Tone meaning the coloration of the reverb, Time to adjust the length of the reverb, and an eight-point selector knob to choose the reverb mode.

The RV-6 is quite similar to its predecessor RV-5 except for the fact that it has three new modes (+Delay, Shimmer, and Dynamic) added to it. It is consistent and reliable, and although not the best in any single department, this product is essentially a good ‘Jack of all trades’ that you may not want to miss out on.

5. Xotic EP Booster EQ Effect Pedal

Based around the classic preamp side of an Echoplex, this boost pedal from Xotic is a discreet FET preamp model with a low impedance output. It offers up to 20db of gain and produces a tone that adds some high end sparkle and definition.

It has two internal switches (a Bass Boost and a Bright switch) for customizing the boost. Turning the bright switch off will produce a transparent, full frequency boost that gives you exactly what you want.


There are a lot of guitar effects pedals information and tutorial spread across the internet, but it takes quite some time to come across one that is comprehensive enough and covers all the pros and cons in an unbiased manner. That is exactly where this article comes into the scene. Once you have gone through our review, we hope it becomes easier for you to choose the best guitar pedal in the market that does not dig too deep in the pocket.