Top 5 Best Cheap Electric Guitars

Angus Young once said, “Every guitarist I would cross paths with would tell me that I should have a flashy guitar, whatever the latest fashion model was, and I used to say, ‘Why? Mine works, doesn’t it? It’s a piece of wood and six strings, and it works.'”

Although it is a common notion that the costlier an electric guitar is, the better is its performance. In reality, cost is hardly ever the deciding factor while making a purchase. The make, the ability of the guitar to respond to tone settings changes and deliver a power packed sound, intertwined with doses of clarity are the true deciding factors of a guitar’s performance. There are quite a few brands that pack in all these features in their guitars and yet, sell them at affordable prices. Proper care and handling can make any instrument last for years and keep functioning without any glitch, be it a high end instrument or a medium range instrument, affordable by the working man and students alike.

In this list, we present you the top 5 electric guitars currently in the market that you can check out.

1. Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro

This is one of the most sought-after guitars in the world invented by the artist and guitarist, Les Paul. It comes with ProBucker-2 and ProBucker-3 pickups with coil-splitting, a AAA flame maple veneer top and beautiful colour finishes. This guitar boasts of balance and playability. The tone is well-balanced with power and the perfect amount of clarity that is required. The pickups are articulate with the bridge pickup responding well to volume changes. The neck pickup gives the best performance in the single coil mode. The only drawback of this guitar is probably its weight, but even then, it’s definitely not a deal-breaker. Overall, this is a dream for any guitar lover out there, and is considered by many as the best electric guitar under 500.

2. SchecterOMEN-6

Schecter has provided reasonable counterpoints to the Les Paul variants in the market, for quite a few years, at affordable prices. The OMEN-6 with its Bolt-On construction and basswood body fits the requirements of many music enthusiasts. With a fast playing neck, it is highly versatile and responds well to tone settings changes. At 33 pounds, it is a bit heavy and could need initial professional set up. Apart from these, it is a great buy.

3. Ibanez JEMJRWH Steve Vai Signature

Ibanez has delivered proper quality at reasonable prices for a long time. This guitar, with its thin body and neck, can tune easily to fast beats and is therefore popular with the metal singers. With its mahogany body, Wizard III Maple neck and double-locking tremolo bridge, this guitar is a smart buy. Other features include the famous Monkey grip and Lion’s Claw tremolo cavity. The fact that this product comes with a gig bag, a tuner and stand makes it a lucrative buy all the more.

4. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

The Yacifica Series PAC112V features a solid Alder body, Maple bolt-on neck and rosewood fingerboard. One of the more widely known guitar series, the Yamaha Pacifica guitars have served as brilliant cheap alternatives for the working man and students. Ever since its launch in 1990, these guitars have been popular for their amazing versatility, great tone, performance and playability. After the initial set-up, it provides fuss-free, stable operation for many years with proper tone and clarity. It comes in two configurations. It has a Strat-Style Tremolo bridge and neck shape C. Inspite of a slightly flat middle and neck pickups, this guitar with its coil tap for humbucker delivers just enough to make it a worthy buy.

5. Glen Burton GE320BCO-CBS Classic LP-Style Electric Guitar

This a neat, affordable piece of equipment with an Asian Ash body, rosewood fingerboard and set mahogany neck. The full package comes with strings, gig bag picks, strap, digital click-on tuner, truss rod and a 10 Watt amplifier. The cherry burst color adds to the look and appearance of this guitar. Other features include Tune-o-matic, Stop Tailpiece Bridge and 2 Humbucker pickups.


Choosing the best among all the cheap electric guitars available in the market is not an easy task; so we have provided a list of the top 5 products which are cheap, popular, and reliable. All you need to do now is to weigh the pros and cons and buy the one you feel will suit your purpose.