Top 5 Best Xotic Pedals

When playing music there are definitely some things that are necessary, and in particular when playing guitar there are some things that are needed. Electric guitar especially has some necessary equipment like an amp for instance, the cords, and if you really wanna jump into it and create an awesome sound, you’ll be looking for pedals. These babies will make life so much easier in crafting a new an unique sound. So I’ll be covering an xotic ep booster review as well as some general overlooking at the best pedals I believe Xotic offers. Sit back relax and let the words enlighten you on which pedals you should be jumping at.

1. Xotic Effects Xotic Wah Effect Pedal

This Wah pedal is one of the most versatile on the market, and sets the standard just one above the rest. It has gold contacts for true bypassing for a true transparent tone of your guitar tone. It’s capable of producing the vintage feel wahs that require a shallow sweeping sound all the way up to an over the top crazy wide and long sweep sound. There are four controls on there versus some other pedals that just give you the pedal itself to work with. Not only does it have more control over the entire wah of the pedal but it is actually smaller than your typical pedal which is great for adding to your pedal board and allows you to have more overall. 

2. Xotic Effects SL Drive Distortion

Everyone has certain pedals they always seem to sought after and this should be one of them. Distortion pedals are a must to give your sound an extra umph to that overall tone. First off this guy is perfect due to it’s size and quality, this thing is pretty small and will allow more room on your pedal board. It has a true bypass switching and a 9v capability so that you don't have to always have it plugged in. It’s said to give you a nice Marshall like sound and crunch, so give it a shot and you will not be disappointed by this quality tank.

3. Xotic Soul Driven Effects Pedal

This is a hell of a good combo of distortion and compression all into one to give you a creamy sound, to add a little soul to your playing. With a nice medium knob to push and pull your mid tones of the guitar it helps add versatility without sacrificing your overall tone. Other awesome part of this pedal is the “Tone Knob” itself that’ll tighten your tone to get it screaming or push it down low. It helps you hit a sweet spot in tone adding to the whole dynamic of your overall playing and there’s also a bass boost behind the battery plate that’ll really add more.

4. Xotic SP Compressor Nano-Sized Guitar Comp Effect Pedal

Many guitarists have a compressor technology held above the rest and this pedal offers the same OTA as the Ross compressor. Has true bypass switching to avoid any sound interference and offers the option of 9v battery usage or an adapter plug in. This is an extremely flexible pedal and can give you anywhere from vintage tones up to modern tones because of the blend knob and internal dip switch that works on attack control. It’s built like a tank and it’s also not ridiculously large so that you can work with multiple pedals easily.

5. Xotic RC Booster Guitar Pedal

This thing is built entirely for tone control and tone aid by helping shape your high, med, and low option and adding to them even more. By adding a 20db+ transparent boost and a two band EQ it helps without ever cutting into your already laid down tone. It also helps boost the signal from work cords or long chains of multiple pedals, so basically it’s a solution to sound degradation which is necessary for serious musicians.

These pedals, to me, are absolutely necessary for overall sound. These are like your basic pedals everyone needs to get started in building a pedal board and they’ll even be an excellent addition to all those who already have a pedal board started or have had one for a while. In my opinion I’d start with the wah and the distortion since they’re your most basic of pedals and then begin moving on to the others, but the soul drive is an excellent start as well since it’s like a combo pedal.